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Heineken is a pilsner (lager) beer, light-coloured and bottom-fermented. Heineken is brewed in a 100% natural brewing process by using malted barley, water, hops and the unique Heineken A-yeast only. The distinctive characteristics of Heineken include its fresh and fruity aroma and its mildly bitter taste, both of which enhance the beer’s drinkability.

AC approx 5%


  • Morgans Blue Mountain Lager
  • 1kg Light Dry Malt
  • 250gr Dextrose
  • 12gr Hallertau Hop
  • Brew Cellar European Lager yeast


  1.  Put 1.5 litres of water in a saucepan with 250gm of Light Dry Malt. Bring mix to a simmer while stirring (to avoid sticking),
  2. Add Hallertau hop bag, turn off the heat source and stand for 10 minutes. Add to your sterilized fermenter, the can of Morgans Blue Mountain Lager
  3. , dextrose and the rest of the Light Dry Malt as well as the contents of your saucepan
  4. Top your fermenter up to 23 litres with cool water
  5. Add the yeast when wort temperature is below 22° C. and stir in well Try to ferment at a constant 22° c

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