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Filtering Beers for Keggers

Filtering Beers for Keggers

Filtering Beers for Keggers

Filtering is not recommended for those who bottle their brew.

Using a Filter Kit makes filtering your brew relatively easy. There are two ways to do this:

1. Keg to Keg

2. Gravity Feed


STEP 1: Connect the liquid disconnect on the input side of the filter to the liquid post on the full keg. Connect the liquid disconnect to the output side of the filter and your empty kegs Liquid Post. Leave the Output Stopcock closed for now. Leave the lid off your empty keg as this will help with the pressure differential.

STEP 2: Connect the Gas Line to the Gas Post of the full keg. With Your Gas Pressure Set to 3 Psi turn the gas on and the beer will start to fill the filters holder.

STEP 3: Push the Red Button on the lid of the filter holder to vent any oxygen and once the beer reaches the top of the filter holder turn the Outlet Stopcock to open. Beer will now start to fill the empty keg.

STEP 4: When the transfer has finished and all the beer has flowed out of the filter holder turn off your gas and disconnect the gas bottle from the now empty keg. Put the lid on the now full keg and pressurise it with CO2 purging the oxygen from it. Your keg is now ready to be made cold in preparation for carbonation.

NOTE: Do not exceed 3psi or your filtering results may be compromised. This how to Filtering Beers for Keggers

See the full tutorial here


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