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I Like Beer! How to save money while drinking beer!

I Like Beer! How to save money while drinking beer!

How to save money while drinking beer!

It’s not a secret, I like beer! My wife also doesn’t mind one every now and then, and my friends who visit don’t mind 2 or 3. And, if you factor in grand finals, birthdays, Christmas and all those other occasions, we go through a fair bit of beer in my household. I calculated that we drink approximately 40 cartons of beer per year and at $50 a carton at my local bottle shop for what I drink that means I spend around $2000 a year on beer.

Last year I looked at ways of saving money (as I’m sure we all do) and when I saw how much we spend on beer I thought. How to save money while drinking beer!

What can I do to ensure I don’t miss out on a beer, but cut back on the expense?

So – I looked at home brew! I found out that I could make around 2½ cartons of beer for $30 or less depending on what I was making (there are more expensive brews but it comes down to what you want to drink), which meant my 40 cartons of beer would cost me around $500. That was a saving of around $1500 a year. It was a no-brainer for me and now I’m an avid home brewer! And that $1500 I saved? I invested it…

…in a Kegerator system, which means I now have three different types of beer on tap at home (and I got some change), so not only am I saving a fortune every year I’m still enjoying my beer. It’s win-win all-round.


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