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Force Carbonation – Gas down the spear technique

Force Carbonation – Gas down the spear technique

Gas down the spear technique

This method is great because the gas is bubbling through the beer. That means that you don’t have to shake the keg too much. The only issue is that you have to connect your gas line to the liquid (beer) post of your keg. You will have to take your gas line off your gas disconnect and connect it to your Beer line.

Once the beer is in the keg. Chill it down to 4 degrees Celsius, release the pressure in your keg using the pressure release valve. This will prevent any chance of CO2 back flowing into your regulator. Connect your gas line to the liquid (beer) post of the keg. Turn your CO2 Regulator to 30psi. You will hear CO2 bubbling into you beer and it will gradually slow down as the pressure equalises. Gently rock the keg back and forth for one minute in which time you hear the gas stop bubbling, turn the gas off at the regulator and keep rocking the keg, the gas pressure will drop quite quickly so keep rocking until the gas pressure drops down to between 20 and 15 psi. If the pressure stops above 20 psi then the keg may be over carbonated (if this happens then the gas and rock the keg for 1 minutes), if it falls below 15 psi the beer is not gassed enough and you will need to repeat the gassing and rocking stage again but do this for only 10-15 seconds at a time until you achieve the pressure required.

Put the keg back into the Kegerator and wait for an hour and then vent the excess pressure via the pressure release valve.


When left overnight the bead of bubbles and the flavour will be improved. The CO2 has sufficient time to form weak hydrogen bonds with the water molecules to become carbonic acid.

When this process is finished, make sure you turn the regulator back to serving pressure to dispense your beer.



Download the full tutorial here

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