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Force Carbonation


I am pretty sure that most of us (home brewers) love hearing somebody say this beer is fantastic, as good as you would get in a pub if not better! I know I do! It is not just a great recipe that makes a great beer, it’s also how it presents, and one way to make it look great is to filter your brew after fermentation finishes.

There are a few ways to do this. If you keg, we recommend using a cartridge filter. You can gravity filter or force filter, but for both options you need a filter kit which consists of a filter cartridge holder, a filter and a couple of metres of tubing (if you are keg-to-keg filtering, a couple of liquid disconnects are needed too).

Gravity Filtering does take a fair bit of time, all you do is get your fermenter up high attach the filter to your tap and let it drain into a keg.

Keg-to-Keg Filtering only takes five minutes and is simple. Just empty your fermenter into a keg (or kegs) then connect a keg with your beer in it to the filter’s input hose, and the empty keg to the output hose. Then connect your gas on about 5 psi to the full keg. Turn on the gas which will push the beer through the filter into the empty keg.

It really is that simple to get a clear beer so if you want to know more and how to get started, contact us(HYPERLINK) or Come In and we will help you today!

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